Ohana Sailing Adventure

Orca Bait


Kayaking in the still early morning water is a calming, meditative experience. The peacefulness even settles over the girls, which is another bonus! (Although we haven’t yet been brave enough to let them go out together where we’ve been so far. We’ll see how long the peace lasts when they’re eventually able to go out just the two of them and have to agree on which way to go…)


The Sea Eagle inflatable kayak is fantastic. Ted did a lot of research into kayaks before we left, and this one is easy to stow, easy to get out and ready, and a lot of fun to use. We’re so grateful to his partners at NVES who gave us this amazing gift, and we love being able to explore with it!

DSC_2737 2

These are all pictures of us while we were in the Angra dos Reis area of Brazil. We’re currently headed up toward the Caribbean – check out our location to the right!

And yes, Ted picked the title for the post. And no, we haven’t seen any orcas…

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