Ohana Sailing Adventure

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


4 Years and ~80,000 Miles

Almost 80,000 miles traveled…

  • 8100 nautical miles on Ohana (about 9400 statute or “road” miles)
  • 18,000 miles by plane
  • 25,000 miles by RV
  • 27,000 miles by car (separate from the RV)

That’s equivalent to more than 3 times around the equator. So, even though life intervened and we put aside our initial dream of circumnavigating the world by boat, we have had an astounding four years.

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Check out the Kids Blog!

We’ve spent the last month heading north on the ICW (intracoastal waterway), to make it to Washington, DC – hopefully by tomorrow!!! Some of the afternoons have been REALLY warm, and we have been very grateful that we brought our blender back with us from storage this spring. The girls love to make fruit smoothies to help cool down, and Grace wanted to share her “piƱa colada” smoothie recipe. It’s also great with some added unsweetened coconut for even more coconut flavor…

One Year Ago…

It’s been a year since we left the U.S. for Argentina… hard to believe, and so many adventures over that time! Check out the Kids Blog for two new posts, one from Kate and one from Grace. We’re all just happy right now to have Ohana back in the water!

Ohana getting ready to re-launch!