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Animal Expedition

by Katie (Sept 1, 2018)

Hi! It’s Katie here. We’ve just done this super cool lesson with sea animals. First, to catch them, we went out on the dinghy (RIB – rigid inflatable boat) and planed (went super fast with the dinghy tilting upward) to another island. We searched everywhere, but we couldn’t find anything. Then we went up to the beach we normally go to and searched everywhere. We were lucky this time, and Dad found a sand dollar. Then we went to the dock and looked for crabs in cracks in the dock. I was lifting up a ladder when Grace spotted one under the ladder – we had a lot of trouble catching the crab because he was super fast, but we finally caught him. We put both of the sea creatures in containers with ocean water in them.

I named the sand dollar Softy, and Grace named the crab Squirmy.


When we got back to the boat, we put Softy and Squirmy in containers filled with sea water on the cockpit table and examined them with a magnifying glass. We also looked up some info. about the sand dollar, because it was different than we expected.


The sand dollar was a brownish-reddish-greenish color, because it was not skeletonized yet. Apparently, sand dollars, as living creatures, are actually a type of sea urchin. When they die, other sea creatures eat away the outer layer, leaving the skeleton. The skeleton of the sea urchin then washes up on the beach and is bleached by the sun to make what we know as a sand dollar.


Other things we learned about the sand dollar were that their mouth is in the center of the body and is star-shaped. You can tell how old a sand dollar is only by its skeleton form, because a sand dollar is like a tree, where it has rings that show how old it is. While it is alive, you can’t tell because of the layer of cilia (little hairs) covering it.


Because our sand dollar washed up on the beach, we think that it may have been dead, but we weren’t sure because it still had its outer layer intact; we returned it to the ocean soon after we examined it.

We examined the crab, but not as much as the sea urchin, so we don’t have much to tell about it except that it was angry. It made several scarily close escapes (one including it pulling itself onto the rim of the bowl we put him in). We put Squirmy back into the ocean as well.


I really enjoyed the “science lesson” and can’t wait for another one! See you around on the kids blog!!

Happy Birthday in Argentina

by Grace (Aug 19, 2018)

May 20. My birthday, every year almost the same until one, this one in Argentina was the best yet. Not only was it my first birthday out of Arizona, but I got to do something that not many get to do. It was also on the boat on a beautiful day. In the room that was mine in the little apartment we were staying in in San Isidro, Argentina. Ahhh, it gives me the happy’s to think about it. It all started on a beautiful morning, when I woke up.

Yawn, oh look at all of the decorations. Yay 😁 it’s my birthday! I instantly jumped out of my bed and I raced through the curtain of streamers to find the tiny living room “empty”. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! DSC_1331My family shouted and sprang out of their hiding places. Thank you!!!! I sat down after a lot of hugs and saw that my plate had cards stacked on it in a very pretty and fashionable way. Surrounding my plate were my presents. I decided to eat breakfast then open cards and presents. I got a puppy shirt, puppy pants, a game called Dog Pile, an owl necklace / watch, Bible stories, Little House on the Prairie series, and a dress that my grandma sewed for me. Then we had some flan and hung out.

Then in a little bit we packed our stuff up and drove to the Hotel Jacaranda. IMG_0064We did some pasttimes like watching TV, and Katie and I played, and I played Dog Pile, then we went to go see Ohana, who was already in the water. Then Mommy and Daddy surprised us that we were going to an Argentinian tango! We got dressed up and waited for the taxi and then we left. When we got to the tango we were bowed inside and went to check in. Then we went and had a tango lesson. Next we had dinner and a tango show. My favorite part of the tango was a part of the show were they were chasing each other around trying to get a bottle of alcohol. It was amazing.

Four months later, we had my actual birthday cake. It was Pina colada flavored with the most delicious frosting you could ever taste spread on it, with dollops of frosting and maraschino cherries on top, with a little bit of pureed pineapple in the middle of it. My cake was really late, because we weren’t able to bake a birthday cake earlier because we didn’t have the supplies. But once Ohana made it to Brazil, we were finally able to have everything that we needed. It was delicious! Here are some pictures:



Dolphins Ahoy

by Grace (Aug 15, 2018)

Hello, this is Grace and I am here to tell you about our first time (Katie’s and mine) seeing wild dolphins.

We were coming back from making water and we didn’t want to fish, so we were just hanging out on watch through an area that had lots of debris from recent high tides. We had our life jackets ready in case we saw dolphins, because if there were dolphins then we would want to instantly go to the bow of the boat where they typically hang out. We had earlier had a feeling that we were going to see dolphins.

However, as we were heading back from making water, spirits were low because the ocean was very rocky and we weren’t feeling too well. Then we spotted a log. Then Daddy realized that the “log” was a pod of dolphins! There were lots of calves in the pod too!!! We picked up speed and turned to follow them. We rushed to put on our life jackets and then ran onto the front deck. The dolphins gladly swam toward us practically jumping. They played in our bow wave for 10-15 minutes and then swam away.



Fashion Modeling with a Doll

by Katie (Aug 3, 2018)

Hi everyone, it’s Katie. When it’s raining for days and days and you need to pass the time on the boat with nothing else to do, you have to think of ideas to pass the time. This idea I think is my best – of course, I think all of my ideas are the best! It’s fashion modeling – but on a doll. To fashion model on a doll, with almost no supplies, you just need simple things. Like embroidery floss, scissors, and an idea of what you want the doll to look like, and you can give the doll some serious spunk.



Waiting in Brazil

by Katie (July 11, 2018)

Hello there, everyone! It is Katie from Brazil. While my mom, my sister, and I are getting our tans, our father is out in the Atlantic Ocean sailing (go to the tracker to check his exact location). Meanwhile we are going to beaches, swimming, exploring the islands, and waiting for dad. Pretty exciting, don’t you think? Anyway, there are tons of cool animals and lush greenery in Brazil. It feels like a fairytale world (Arizona is exactly the opposite). Time to go exploring! Bye!!!!




All About Me

by Grace Wallace


Hello and welcome to The Kids Blog. My name is Grace Wallace and I would like to tell you some info about me.

Hi, my name is Grace Wallace. I love every single animal ever. My favorite flower is the state flower of Hawai’i, the Yellow Hibiscus. My favorite food is an ambrosia apple. My hobbies are swimming and sitting alone in nature.

I hope to see you soon!

Grace Wallace


Introducing Katie

by Katie Wallace

Hey readers! Imagine living on a boat for 5 years, visiting amazing places around the world. For me, this is reality.

Hi, my name is Katie Wallace. I am 10 years old and come from Scottsdale, Arizona. While you follow us on Ohana Sailing Adventure, you will hear a lot from my sister and me. When following us, you can experience the wonder of sailing too.

Bon voyage, and happy sailing!


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