Ohana Sailing Adventure

The Bermuda Triangle and the Lost City

So, we were traveling through the Bermuda Triangle one day, when we were unexpectedly pulled into the Lost City of Atlantis. Ohana was supposed to be heading to Florida, but head-on currents drained our fuel reserves and we ended up in Atlantis instead.

A place where fish can fly…

Or are frozen in flight…

And you can touch noses with sharks…

Or zoom right past them…

Ted and Grace riding the Serpent Slide past the sharks

You can explore the ancient ruins of Atlantis…

Or race down the Mayan Temple…

Sea creatures are massive here…

As are the views…

And our favorite view from Atlantis…

…will be changing tomorrow morning, as we head back offshore and make landfall in the US the next day, for the first time with Ohana.

2 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle and the Lost City”

  1. Welcome home almost. How fun that you found the lost City of Atlantis. After some of your exciting adventures, that must seem pretty tame. So happy passing through the Bermuda Triangle was uneventful. Love to you all and Happy Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!

    Aunt Marlene


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