Ohana Sailing Adventure

Our New Car

If the boat is our home, then the dinghy is our car. It’s how we get from the boat when it’s out at anchor or on a mooring, to the shore. It’s also a great way to get around an area to explore. The girls also love talking Ted into planing – going really fast so that the dinghy rides just at the surface of the water.

When we were in Porto Frade in Brazil, a multitude of small islands were very close by, and we loved to take the dinghy to go to their beaches and investigate. The dinghy is a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) – meaning, it has a fiberglass hull and deck, and surrounding hypalon inflatable tubes for additional buoyancy. It can carry up to five people and their gear, and it is the workhorse of our daily lives aboard. Ohana carries it hoisted on the stern on an integrated stainless steel dinghy arch.


2 thoughts on “Our New Car”

  1. Hello there dear ones. We our absolutely living vicariously through the four of you adventurers….so many amazing places we have seen because of you sharing this with all of us landlubbers. We can’t wait for the next post to arrive.

    Please take care and we love you all dearly😘

    Aunt Marlene and Uncle Bill


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