Ohana Sailing Adventure

No More Limes? We’re Outta Here!

Forget weather windows – when the pool bar runs out of both limes for caipirinhas and Heineken, we’re gone!

After a few days of rest, recreation, and re-provisioning in Fortaleza (coastline below), we left yesterday for Grenada (or Trinidad, if weather in the Atlantic doesn’t cooperate).

The girls got to play in the marina pool for hours every day, they (finally!) met two other kiddos from another ‘kid boat’, and they got to FaceTime with a couple of friends and grandparents.

Ohana got cleaned inside and out; Ted even broke out some stainless polish. To get fresh water to wash the boat, the marina brought their hose from shore, to a small buoy, to a line on the boat, where we attached our own hose and used the water. You can also get an idea of what ‘docking’ here was like, minus an actual dock.

There is no good fuel dock nearby, so Ted and Pikin got to lug our jerry cans (via taxi, at least!) to fill with diesel to top off our fuel tanks before leaving. We were reflecting that if we walked through the lobby of a hotel in the US with big jugs full of fuel, we would probably have been detained by local law enforcement…

We stuck close to the marina and attached hotel on advice of people regarding safety. We did, though, go out to dinner one night and experienced the lively Brazilian nightlife – friends meeting for dinner, vendors selling everything from drinks to street food to shoes and clothing, and half a dozen musical acts all competing to be heard over one another.

We anticipate being offshore for 11 days and will be offline for that time. You’ll still see posts come through about our time in Brazil, and you can always track our progress via the link to the right!

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