Ohana Sailing Adventure

Finally, a Fish!

You can’t beat the freshness of a fish that is caught, filleted on the spot, and cooked up for lunch. We experienced something like it when we dived in Belize (pre-children!), when the dive crew grilled up the most amazing fish tacos for us right on the beach when we were done diving for the day. But now we know what it’s like aboard our own boat as well.


We bought a couple of fishing rods in Buenos Aires but hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to fish yet, much to the girls’ dismay. Our first couple of attempts at fishing were unsuccessful, but as we were coming up on the northeast corner of Brazil, we finally brought in a kingfish (very similar to a wahoo) and enjoyed it for lunch. The winds were a little high to grill, so we cooked it by simply sautéeing it in butter with onions and garlic slices, and serving it with herbal tea – infused rice pilaf. Amazing!!! We’re still hoping for some fresh tuna and some sashimi!

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