Ohana Sailing Adventure

Snapshots of Argentina

While waiting for the boat to splash, we stayed in an apartment in San Isidro, a suburb of Buenos Aires. We had fun getting to know the neighborhood, visiting the nearby panaderia (bakery) almost daily, walking down cobblestoned sidewalks to the grocery store, and especially walking to the park where there were sets of exercise equipment. This equipment is found in a lot of public parks in Argentina (and in Uruguay we found later). The girls loved it, especially because we didn’t have a lot of non-rainy days during the time that we stayed there.


Loved this bookstore!

Katie was thrilled whenever we agreed to take the elevator to our third-floor apartment – two sets of sliding metal grate doors had to be opened one at a time, and there was a jolt at the end that always had Ted and myself a little worried about what was going to happen. We also got to learn how to use a new washing machine, and the girls learned to hang our laundry inside (see the above about lack of non-rainy days…)



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