Ohana Sailing Adventure

Exploring on Other Boats

One of the best parts about this lifestyle and exploring new places is the people that you get to meet along the way. We took a half-day boat trip organized through the hotel with four other people, and we had fun exploring some beaches during the trip as well as getting to know the other people on the boat. And with the advent of blogs, Instagram, FaceBook, email… it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with people from all over the globe. (Hi Monique and Daniel! From Katie and Grace)


We also met Ling one morning while waiting at the front desk of the hotel when Grace asked her if she spoke English. She and her husband, Hugo, were taking their power boat out that day to some of the surrounding islands, and they very kindly invited us to join them for the day. We had a wonderful time talking with them, learning a little about Sao Paulo where they live, as well as hearing about the Angra and Porto Frade areas from their captain and his wife. Their hospitality and generosity are what I love about getting out and meeting people, and they showed our girls such a great time that day. Thank you! (And the girls especially say thank you for the delicious pineapple and for letting them steer the boat!)

Botinas Island
Feeding fish

2 thoughts on “Exploring on Other Boats”

  1. Hello, Jennifer, Katie and Grace!
    How are you these days? Are you stil in Angra?
    Loved To see the pictures of the day We spend together!


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