Ohana Sailing Adventure

Much Needed Playtime


The girls were so happy to spend time in the sun and play on beaches. (Little did we know that the beach we played on near the hotel would soon become our home base while on Ohana.)

We also had some unexpected sealife experiences. The first day in our room off of the canal, we sat and watched a sea turtle for a long time before it swam away. And Katie discovered that small creatures often make hiding places out of shells – she tried to imitate large conch shell horns and blew into a seashell that she had found, and a small shrimp came flying out.

We also just enjoyed the time together, relaxing in the afternoons after school was finished, and the girls each got to enjoy a non-alcoholic pina colada by the hotel pool – one of their favorite ‘beach’ drinks.

2 thoughts on “Much Needed Playtime”

  1. Hi everyone
    Talked to your dad today and finally got linked up to your postings. I am so excited to see all of the awesome pictures! They look amazing
    Hope you are doing well and having a good time
    Just watched the video of the dolphins. Wow
    What beautiful memories you will have


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