Ohana Sailing Adventure

Ohana’s Launch

The launch was the most anticipated day of our entire move down to Argentina. The boat yard plans the launch based on tide and wind predictions, so that there is enough water at the launch site. The afternoon before, they bring a large tractor-trailer rig to the factory and load the boat on. They then have to jockey it around to be able to get the boat out of one of the large factory doors. We watched with baited breath through the process.



Below, you can see Ohana poking her nose out of the factory door for the first time. The blue chaps are hung on the sides to protect the gelcoat from branches and other obstacles for the several-block journey to the water.

Although it’s only a 10-minute walk from the factory to the launch site, the trip takes several hours and a lot of maneuvering to get around corners and past telephone poles. One worker carries a machete, and many shrubberies get trimmed en route. Other workers carry wooden brooms to lift phone lines out of the way.


It was a whole parade of people during the several-hour event, including a transit policeman and many onlookers. When Ohana finally reached the splash point, we were amazed at how small the opening through the fence looked, but she made it through without a problem!

Ted, Katie, and Grace climbed aboard just before Ohana got into the water, and they stayed aboard and motored to her temporary home at Yacht Club Argentino. Jen stayed ashore to take pictures and video of the big event.


Ohana first touching the water
Ohana floating off of the trailer

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