Ohana Sailing Adventure


We’ve been talking to the girls for years about our plans to move aboard a boat and explore the world on a floating home. We wanted them to be excited about the idea and to be part of the planning.

They both have big dreams about areas of the world that they want to see, and what they think we’ll find once we get there.

From getting their first passports (with extra passport pages!), to driving down to Tucson to get global entry cards to make Customs and Immigration easier when coming back to the US…


…to picking out the colors of their life vests and learning how to put them on in their bedroom back in Arizona, they’ve been part of getting to where we are today.


The choice of the boat name was also a family decision, one that took many, many (many) dinner discussions over months to finally decide. We ultimately chose Ohana, which means ‘family’ in Hawaiian / Polynesian, because it perfectly symbolized our new home, since this entire adventure is truly about family.

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