Ohana Sailing Adventure

Getting to Argentina

So, how do you pack up and sell a four-bedroom home to move aboard a 44-foot boat? With a lot of planning and a lot of chaos.

We sorted our things into what we were taking to Argentina with us and not, and belongings to store were put into three categories to more easily access them when coming back for visits. We moved the bulk of our worldly possessions to store up to Colorado (thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wallace for the use of the basement!!!), and finished rearranging our boxes to take to Argentina (thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hennessey for putting up with the mess in your house!!!)

Being a family of four, with wanting our girls to have some things that made life aboard somewhat more ‘normal’, with knowing that we would be in South America and the Caribbean for the first 10 months before getting back to the US, AND with wanting to have medical supplies on board to deal with most emergencies of which we could conceive (for our family and for people around us), we ended up with a lot of boxes to take to Argentina with us.

A LOT of boxes.

20 checked boxes and bags, to be exact.

We had to rent a U-Haul van just to get our things to the airport, and we hired help at the other end in Buenos Aires – both help in managing all of the luggage in the airport, as well as a panel van to help get everything to the boatyard. In the end, all of our checked luggage made it safely – except for our life vest autoinflate cylinders, but that’s another story for another day. And, most importantly, we all made it safely.

One thought on “Getting to Argentina”

  1. Oh how wonderful to make your dream come true. We will absolutely enjoy tagging along with you through all your adventures. Thanks for sharing all of this with everyone. We are so excited for you. Katie and Grace we really enjoy reading your all of your stories and comments. Remember every second of your great adventure. We love you all so much😘

    Aunt Marlene and Uncle Bill


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