Ohana Sailing Adventure

Halloween, Grenada Style

Trick-or-treating by dinghy – definitely a Halloween to remember.

One of the other cruising families organized an amazing Halloween celebration a few days ago – a cruisers’ potluck on the beach, followed by trick-or-treating boat-to-boat by dinghy, then s’mores back on the beach. (A huge thank you again to s/v Space Between!) The girls missed some of our traditions that we always had back home, but they agreed that this was a pretty awesome new tradition to experience!

Our girls, of course, loved putting their creativity to work to come up with costumes out of what we had on the boat. Grace was very proud of her fairy princess costume with posterboard wings and crown fashioned from a headband and doily; Katie embraced the need for flexibility that infuses every aspect of our lives these days, with the ability to change gears and adapt parts of her mermaid costume last minute. And of course they went all-out with the Halloween decorations for the boat.

Katie and Grace were also thrilled to spend the afternoon with friends we had met at the beginning of our time here in Grenada who we hadn’t seen for a while, and they were excited to make plans to meet up again as we head north through the Caribbean.

For me, the best part of the day was the community – the huge turnout (over 50 kids!), the fun of handing out candy with a good friend from the transom of our boat, having boatloads of kids come puttering up in a dinghy and shouting ‘trick or treat’, and sharing this tradition with families from all over – the US, Canada, Europe, South America.

This is the cruising experience that we promised our girls over the years – that they may be leaving the comfort of what they’ve known and will need to find creative ways to stay in touch with their friends from home, but that they will meet all kinds of new people and experience life in ways that we can’t begin to imagine.


As we continue our journey north today, we’re filled with excitement and anticipation. We have the next couple of months in the Caribbean very roughly mapped out, knowing that we need to be in Antigua by Christmastime to meet family flying in to spend the holidays with us. We have loved our time in Grenada – more posts still to come on what we’ve done here! – but we’re ready to head north on our own schedule (weather always permitting, of course).

So stay tuned for more posts, follow where we are with the link on the right, and sign up to receive email updates when new posts happen. Our internet may be spottier for the next few weeks, making the regularity of posting difficult, but the posts and pictures will come!

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