Ohana Sailing Adventure

Shifting Morning Light



I love the quiet promise of dawn.


Ted proposed to me at sunrise.


The horizon lightening through hospital windows always signaled the end of another call night and the promise that at some point later that day, I would be able crawl into my bed.

The sky shifting colors when one of my kiddos was sick brought hope with it, even if there wasn’t anything different that I could do for them during the day, than I couldn’t in the darkness.


And in these quiet mornings in an anchorage, with a cup of coffee in hand, listening to the quiet breathing of my family in their cabins, looking out at the beauty of this place, time stands still for just a little bit.


Having this little corner of the world as our home base for a while has let us get to know its moods, its changing tides and light. It reminds me of one small part of why we chose this adventure of a lifetime for our family.DSC_2775


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