Ohana Sailing Adventure

Running to the Grocery

Living on a boat is different in a lot of ways. From everything being smaller, to taking ‘navy’ showers, to the constant motion, whether choppy or gentle.

Coming up to Piratas Mall

But grocery shopping is also a whole new deal. In some ports or anchorages, there is a grocery within walking distance once you take your dinghy to shore. Sometimes it’s a short car ride to get to a food store. Sometimes the city market is nearby, or there are fruit and vegetable stands within walking distance. And sometimes you will have small skiffs pull alongside you with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables to buy.

Version 2
Sometimes grocery shopping is still just grocery shopping when you’re 8…

During our time here in Porto Frade, “running to the grocery” store is about an hour trip motoring on Ohana to get to Piratas Mall in Angra dos Reis. The really cool part about it? You tie up at the dock, walk up the boardwalk and are right there at the stores. There’s a pretty well-stocked grocery store, and after you check out and pay, you just take the grocery cart back down the dock to your boat and unload. An even bigger deal for major provisioning like we’ve been doing this week to get ready for our 5- to 6-week voyage up to Trinidad. Although we’ll be hopping up the coast until we reach Fortaleza, we want to have the boat pretty fully provisioned before we go.


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