Ohana Sailing Adventure

Back Together Again

So thankful for Pikin and Ana who helped Ted get Ohana safely up to us

As much as the girls and I loved spending time together while Ted, Pikin, and Ana brought Ohana up from Buenos Aires, we were so thankful when they finally arrived in Porto Frade. We spent a couple of days with Pikin and Ana before they had to fly back to Buenos Aires, Ohana got washed inside and out at the dock, and the girls and I got to move back into our home!

For what felt like the first time to the three of us, we were able to truly appreciate our new home. When we had left Ohana ten days before, it was incredibly cold outside. But now, we were able to sit on the sugar scoops, enjoy the cockpit, and sit out on the trampolines. The girls started learning about sailing her, how to be great deck hands, and how to steer Ohana.

One thought on “Back Together Again”

  1. I’m a tour guide in Rio de Janeiro and had the chance to show my hometown to this amazing family. Grace and Katie , you are super cool!
    I wish you all a great adventure!
    Gisela Vayda
    RST-Sightseeing tours


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