Ohana Sailing Adventure

Angra Boutique Hotel



While Ted was sailing Ohana from Buenos Aires to Brazil with Pikin and Ana, the girls and I flew up to Rio de Janeiro.

Our first view of Brazil as the plane descended was breathtaking – vast expanses of lush green jungle leading steeply down to sandy shores, a view that would be echoed throughout our time in the Angra dos Reis / Ilha Grande area of Brazil.


We arrived in Porto Frade, a “condominium community” outside of Angra dos Reis, a three-hour car ride from the airport. Over the next ten days, we had lots of time to explore the charming Angra Boutique Hotel. Being a small hotel, we got to know the staff well. The first morning after we checked in, we were greeted with a very loud public announcement in Portuguese and an air raid siren … the person at the front desk was very nice and calmly explained that it was a drill and nothing to worry about. (We found out later that it’s a monthly drill related to the nuclear power plant nearby.) The staff were always very kind and patient with us – the three of us had been trying to learn some Portuguese before our arrival, but it was slow going, and Google Translate became our best friend! 

The girls loved the hammock outside our (first) room – we actually stayed in three different rooms during our stay because of a plumbing issue in the first, and then extending our stay waiting for Ohana’s arrival. Our favorite room was the ‘suite’ that we stayed in for the last few nights. We had more room, as well as a table and chairs that were great for doing school, and the room opened up right onto the deck and canal.

We did “regular” homeschooling most days while we were there, but we also had some physics lessons playing pool (vectors, anyone?) and of course the marine and plant biology lessons were everywhere!


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