Ohana Sailing Adventure

The Fourth of July in Buenos Aires

We had waited to christen Ohana until her commissioning was complete, and then our initial exportation out of Argentina was a sudden flurry of activity and we didn’t have time. When we were delayed in Colonia, we chose to wait until after she had been repaired. 


July 4th seemed to us the perfect day to christen our American vessel, in celebration of our family’s own new independence. We had lunch at my favorite local restaurant – those who know me well will smile at how happy the menu made me. Ingredients rarely seen elsewhere in Argentina are found on the menu of Gratitude – lentils, avocado, kale, green smoothies, veggie burgers… you get the idea.


Later, sitting at the work dock in Yacht Club Argentino, San Fernando, we had sparkling wine for the adults and Ohana, and the girls had special ‘boat drinks’. We christened both hulls and then enjoyed some virtual fireworks.

The great thing about having the girls on board is that even thousands of miles from home, they make sure that we do our best to continue our family traditions. The girls decorated Ohana for the holiday, we improvised a red, white, and blue dinner and dessert, and then we streamed the fireworks and program from Washington, DC, over PBS online. Thank goodness for modern connectivity! Being able to watch that program made such a big difference for the girls in feeling connected to the US on this particular holiday.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth of July in Buenos Aires”

  1. I’ve never been sailing this seems like an awesome adventure. I hope to be able to do it someday…and I love the personal touches. Kids always brighten up any room..😊


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