Ohana Sailing Adventure

The Uniqueness of Colonia

Although we intended to only spend a few days in Colonia, we ended up being there for almost two weeks as we figured out the logistics of getting Ohana repaired.

We found some fun restaurants, including this one where every table had the base of an old sewing machine, and some of the chairs were converted barrels.

Or “The Drugstore”, a restaurant famous for the two cars outside, a Citroën set up as a planter, the other a Model A Ford set up as a table for two.

Sadly, the evening that we ate at The Drugstore, we had a perfect view of the two cars being taken away by the traffic police. Apparently, after 17 years of being on the cobblestone street, someone in the powers that be decided that the cars could no longer stay there, and impounded them.

Colonia offered some challenges with a rolly anchorage in the winter, as well as a couple of “pamperos” (episodes of strong southwesterly winds that clock around to the north) for which the old harbor is not well-protected. One night, coming back from dinner ashore, waves and spray were pounding the pier, and we had to time our loading of the dinghy because waves were coming up between the slats of the dinghy dock.

Days, though, were absolutely beautiful, and we enjoyed getting to know this quaint and quirky town. Seemingly around every corner of Colonia something catches your eye – whether evidence of its past, or the unique nature of present day Colonia.


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