Ohana Sailing Adventure

Iguazu Falls

One of the places that the girls really wanted to see in Argentina was Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO world heritage site. We headed up there by plane for a few days during Ohana‘s commissioning process, and we were all so happy that we did.

Even knowing that Iguazu is twice as tall and three times as wide as Niagara Falls, even wider than Victoria Falls, we were unprepared for the sheer force and beauty of this natural wonder.


Garganta del Diablo, or Devil’s Throat


IguazuĀ means “big water” in the native Guarani language, and is an appropriate name given itsĀ more than 270 waterfalls and the fact that on average, it flows at 1500 cubic meters per second. There have been times of flooding that wiped out the entire bridge system, and there have been years of drought that dried up the entire falls except for a trickle in the largest fall. We spent the first day touring the Argentinian side, getting up very close to the falls; the second day we were on the Brazilian side, with breathtaking panoramic views. And if the falls look familiar, they were featured in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull


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